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Comment To Be Added:D

Yeah'm, some things are friends only, but don't worry! Pretty much anyone can be added.
The only time you will be denied being added from this account is if you're banned from PKMNCollectors.

This post includes my bio and shiz.

This journal will be filled with:
- Art (Traditional and digital)
- Life situations
- A hecka lot of happiness
- Uber cute things !
Bio☺Collapse )


 Do you have something to say about my buying/selling/trading? Did I pay very late for what I wanted? Did I ask for a quote and never returned your reply? Did I sell you an item that was worse quality then promised? No matter what you have to say.. all feedback goes here!

When leaving feedback, please include [the following]:

1) Whether I bought or traded or sold something.
2) A rating [very good, good, okay, or poor]. Or, you can use your own rating [1O/1O, A+, Ect.]
3) Why it was very good, good, okay, or poor. [Or whatever you used above.]

And that's it! How simple is that? Be sure to be fair, polite, and honest! This is all very important and it will effect my future selling/buying/trading. You may also add any other comments.
Thank you very much!

I would like to thank everyone that has given me feedback. It has given me a better idea about my buying. Again, thank you!

Although this feedback post is for the PKMNCollectors community, Mewveechu and Vepsmin's feedback was left from a transaction outside of the community.


Selling My WHOLE Collection !

Things have gone downhill with me and my boyfriend, and he's in Florida now. In efforts to get him back to California, I'm trying to gather up around $300. So, here goes nothing ~

Click for more.. many umbreons and othersCollapse )

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Folvey Sales - Part 3


Bonjour! Bonjour! Welcome to Folvey's [third] sales post!
*Be aware the rules have changed, please read them.

☆ Shipping starts at $2.50 for non-flats, and $1.50 for flats. Shipping includes tracking and insurance. ★
For those who need cheaper shipping, I can take off insurance. However, I will not be responsible for lost, stolen, damaged, etc. mail.
☆ I ship for California, and will ship to international friends! ★
☆ I will not give any refunds to anyone, I do apologize. ★
☆ Trades are closed ★
☆ I will do holds for 48 hours unless otherwise planned. ★
☆ If you need better pictures or a description, please do ask! ★
☆ Items will be shipped within one week. ★
☆ Our house is home to some Poochyenas (puppies)! ★
☆ I accept PayPal and concealed cash (at your own risk!) ★
☆ Payment is required within five hours. ★
☆ Prices below do not include shipping. ★
☆ If you are asking for a quote, please state so. ★

Naruto Dog Plushies - $2 each
Shiba Inu "THE DOG" 2010 Japanese Release - $10.50

Pokabu Clipping Figure, (ignore the glare) Mint - $4

Chika/Bell Monopoly Figures - $.50 each
Buizel Square Eraser - $2.50
Buizel Shape Eraser - $7
Pokemon Stickers - $.25 each

*ALL are mint in package, and come with sticker & paper sheet
Pineco/Pichu - $2.50 each
Smeargle (Red/Green) - $3 each
Slowpoke/Slowking - $6 each

-Bellsprout/Hitmontop/Hoppip/Graveler - $2 each
Chansey/Blissey - $3 each


Writer's Block: Songs of patriotism

If you were a country, what would be your national anthem?

Sales Part 2

I can also do pickups for the following Jakks Plush: Jirachi, Phione, Togekiss, Teddiursa, Cheurbi, and Celebi. Each will be $11 +shipping.
★ Shipping starts at $3.50 for US members and $4.50 for International members.
 ★ All packages are now shipped out First Class unless otherwise requested. You will
recieve a PayPal notification once your package is shipped out.
★ Trades are, at the moment, CLOSED.
★ Haggling is open, but do not be offended if I do not accept your offer!
★ I will hold items for two days unless we discuss something in advance.
★ I expect your payment within five hours, if you do not pay within these five hours,
I will let you know that your item is going to the next person.
★ Sales Permission granted from denki in 2010!
★ Growlithe and Buneary friendly home!
★ I have the right to refuse to sell to anyone without a reason.
★ Please understand that your item(s) will be shipped out within six days
due to the fact PayPal takes around 3 days to transfer money.

★ I ship from Cali, USA!

- Shiba Inu THE DOG 2010 Calendar, Has been taken out once, MINT, package has some scuffs? $10
- Naruto Dog UFO(?) $3
- Akamaru $3
- SANRIO Doggie (used to have teacup) Extrememly Rare, from 2006, completely legit. Make an Offer above $10.

- Buizel Shaped-Eraser Make an offer from $5.
- Buizel Eraser, MIP, Offers from $5.

- Shaymin Land & Sky Forme Pencil Case, MIP, make offers from $25.
- Shaymin PokePika Stamp, Mint condition, offers from $15.

- Bell/Chika Monopoly pieces $2 OBO (Bell has paint chip)
- Poke Stickers (some aren't perfectly laid out, dont stick very well.) $2

 - Tepig Clipping Figure WITH box and card $7
- Limited Edition Dragon Figure, beautifully made, missing a small detail on the house, HEAVY. Offers from $10
- Totoro Coin Purse (possible bootleg, highly doubted, though) $5.

Make offers in thread, details there too.

Temporary Sales<3.


So, I recently got into some bumps in the road leading me to needing at least $20! This sales post is all about reaching that~
In advance, I thank all of you that help me achieve my wonderful little goal.

Uo・ェ・oU { No refunds, please request insurance for orders $20+.
Uo・ェ・oU { I ship from the USA, specifically California.
Uo・ェ・oU { I will ship your order no later than five days.
Uo・ェ・oU { Plushies have a flat-rate shipping price of $3, this goes up depending on the size of your order.
Uo・ェ・oU { Cards have a flat-rate shipping price of $1.50, this goes up depending on the size of your order.
Uo・ェ・oU { Shipping is not included in prices listed below.
Uo・ェ・oU { Inquire condition of cards if it concerns you
Uo・ェ・oU { No trades. Haggling is acceptable.
Uo・ェ・oU { To you PKMNCollector members, sales permission was given by denkimouse.
Uo・ェ・oU { Puppy friendly home!

________________________________________________________________________Uo・ェ・oU {Woof!]

iiWaken (Large, MWT); $10.00 -- iiWaken (Small, MWT); $3.00 -- Pink Cat Hair-Band $1.50 -- Politoed Jakks MWT $5.00
"Cargo" TY MWT $3.50 -- Naruto Dog $7.00 -- Brown Cinna. $3.50 -- Akamaru $5.00 -- Cinna.w/Teacup $6.00
Snoopy Wendy's MWT $1.00 -- Cinna.w/Birds MAKE OFFER.

Dialga/Palkia Stylus Set $4.00 -- Pengy Hello K. $1.00 -- Snowman Hello K. $1.00 -- Yu-Gi-Oh Pin (No back to needle) $0.50

Starly Eraser $1.00 -- Buizel Eraser MAKE AN OFFER -- Eevee TFG $2.50 -- Treeko TFG $2.50
Cynda/Chika Monopoly Pieces $4.00 -- Bell/Marrill Monopoly Pieces (bad paint chipping) $1.00

All cards $1;

Espeon (Holo) -- Luxio (Diamond-Holo) -- Houndour (Rev. Holo) -- Wailord (Holo) -- Togekiss (Holo)
Heracross (Holo) -- Amphy (Holo) -- Heraross (Holo)

All cards $1;
Cool Porygon (Holo) -- Dragonite (Holo) -- Blaine's Arcanine (Holo) -- Blaine's Arcanine (JPN/Holo)

All cards $0.50;

Pichu (Rev. Holo) -- Dunsparce (Holo) -- Espeon -- Unown A (Holo) -- Arcanine
Blain's Ninetales -- Mew -- Electabuzz

All cards $0.50;

Espeon -- Arcanine -- Jirachi -- Leafeon -- Wartortle



Am I Crazy...

or is that song amazing?!  ・ω・

It has also inspired me to learn Japanese somehow, even though that was already on my 2011 Goals. ...Just basic Japanese, though! I should probably be doing homework ( ̄へ ̄)... If it wasn't so boring I'd be doing it right now, oh well. I'll do it later! *ehem* Yeah.. Thats all.
Sayounara !!